Wednesday, August 24, 2005


What the hell is going on here in Ontario?

I wake up this morning to find out that the Ontario Chamber of Commerce will be releasing a report today which will argue that the fiscal imbalance between what Ontario takes in versus what it gets back from Ottawa is making it a "have not" province.

Huh? Ontario as a "have not" province? Oh please--do tell.

Apparently, Ontario --you know, the most populous province in Canada that was a scant 5 years ago the economic engine of the country -- is "struggling" with a $2.8 billion deficit and is receiving less $23 billion less than it was in 1995 by way of transfer payments, programs and services.

Undoubtedly, the McGuinty government will use this new report as fresh "evidence" that Ontario is in a strucutral hole it can't possible dig out of without help from the federal government: "Sorry, folks, I'd like to help you, but Ottawa has been real stingy this year. You should go talk to them".

What a maddening, absolute and complete cop out. And no one in this province should let them get away with it. Let the Hipster provide all of you with a few talking points, if I may:

So much for the "fiscal imbalance". It seems the province is authoring its own demise by spending wrecklessly in non-priority areas, hiking regulations and taxes on businesses and generally not getting its fiscal house in order.

If anything is "have not" in Ontario, its the FIBeral government. They "have not" kept a check on spending. They "have not" used the huge tax winfalls to benefit Ontarians and their conmmunities. They "have not" come up with a plan to secure cheap, efficient energy in the province. They "have not" kept up with other jurisdictions in creating a positive business climate. They "have not" found ways to provide healthcare in an efficient manner and reduce wait times. They "have not" taken responsibility for their actions and been accountable to voters.

Don't let McGuinty and his FIBerals crash this province into the ditch. Don't let them off the hook by blaming Ottawa. Don't let them cry about Alberta's gas-driven surpluses.

Don't let Ontario become a "have not" province.

Now's the time to demand the government spend less time crying about what it doesn't have, and more time maximizing what it does have.

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