Tuesday, August 02, 2005


Damn, Pete--get yourself together! Posted by Picasa

Conservative Hipster is not usually known as a clearing house for gossip, but I thought I would pass this one along.

It seems our version of Bennifer, Peter McKay and Belinda Stronach (who I will call "Petinda") has risen like a phoenix from the ashes.

According to well-placed sources up on ye Parliament Hill, Peter and Belinda are back together! Apparently, the two showed up together arm-in-arm a few weeks ago at the Molson Indy in Toronto.

What is also known is that after the infamous "Crossing of the River Ambition", young, heartbroken Petey continued to inquire on the personal status of Canada's newest addition to Cabinet through a Calgary-area MP (who shall remain nameless for now) who was a mutual acquaintance of both halves of Petinda.

Anyone with any further info on this (or any other) piece of important national business can e-mail me at conservativehipster@canada.com or post in the comments section.

Discretion assured.

Anonymity respected.

Gossip (however unsubstantiated) posted.

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