Tuesday, September 13, 2005


Not that Brian should have flapped his yap to Peter C. Newman, I have to take issue with Kim Campbell and her revisionist history. From the Montreal Gazette:

"Campbell, who now teaches at Harvard University in Boston, responded publicly on the condition it was clear she was responding to the Vancouver Sun's request for comment. She also insisted that her response below be printed in full.

"In 1993, Brian Mulroney was the most unpopular prime minister in the history of Canadian polling and the Progressive Conservative Party was at historically low levels of support," she wrote in an email.

"The question that begs asking is why he then gave me, as his successor, only 21/2 months to turn the party fortunes around before an election had to be called."

Actually, no Kimmy, the Party wasn't. Here is a sampling of polls from before the 1993 Federal election:

September 11, 1993 (Angus Reid) LIB: 37 PC: 35 REF: 10 NDP: 8 BQ: 8

September 14, 1993 (Comquest) LIB: 33 PC: 36 REF: 11 NDP: 8 BQ: 10

September 20, 1993 (Angus Reid) LIB: 35 PC: 35 REF: 11 NDP: 6 BQ: 11

So, at the campaign's outset, a Liberal victory was far from a done deal. In fact, the significant drop in popular opinion might lays squarely at the feet of the election campaign YOU ran.

Yes, Mulroney was quite unpopular. But YOU weren't Mulroney. The Liberals ran a tight, well scripted campaign promising everything under the sun (sound familiar, Ontario?), while you mused about elections not being the proper place to discuss issues of substance.

Oh, and played snuggly bear with your Russian boy toy.

While Mulroney definitely was one piece of the puzzle don't try to weasel out from your responsibilities, Kimmy.

Bottom line--you blew it.

The election, I mean.

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