Friday, September 23, 2005


I've seen a number of bloggers openly smashing Carol Jamieson and her dubious record in the Conservative Party.

All good.

But there are a number of question no one seems to be asking, which I recon people (specifically CPC members) think should be. Like many of you, I received an e-mail from Ms. Jamieson on my personal account. Here are the $64,000 question(s):
  1. Where did she get my e-mail from? A list?
  2. If so, what list?
  3. Is it a Party membership list?
  4. If, so, how did she get it?
  5. Is she using a membership list without authorization?
  6. Doesn't that violate Party rules?
  7. Is that grounds for expulsion?

In the Ontario PC Party, every Leadership candidate and their team had to sign an oath that they would not use the list for anything other than leadership-related activities. If so, a substantial financial penalty would be imposed.

While I'm not sure this is the case here, those questions should be asked.

Something to ponder.

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