Friday, November 25, 2005


First off, I wanted to give a belated but hearty congratulations to my friend Adam Daifallah (and his co-author Tasha Kheiriddin) on the success of their book. That's one more book than the Hipster has published, so I give them kudos. I swear I'll read it one day (no word on whether I'll actually buy it).

I know they had a reception at the Albany Club for the book and unfortunately I couldn't attend but I'm sure it was well attended.

However, I have one question for Adam--how could he be at his book launch (or be completing law school in Quebec) and get fired last night on "The Apprentice?"

Look Adam, for my two cents I think the carriage idea was a good one, although you could of been a little more aggressive in the Boardroom (that's really not like you).

I'm not sure how he finds the time, but Adam sure is everywhere!

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