Thursday, November 03, 2005


When the gossip clouds rain, they pour.

Another keen Ottawa observer brings me the following story. No need to wait until Taber brings it up in the Glib and Mail on Saturday, when you can read it here at CH on Thursday:

The Boys and Girls Clubs of Canada held their annual reception last night at Parliament Hill's Centre Block. Politicians of all stripes were making the scene (*ahem* as it was).

Two particular attendees were regular scraping buddies Peter "I love the Leader" MacKay and the Not-so-Hon. Scott Brison, Minister of 3 Snaps and A "No You Didn't!".

So, Pete Rock is hugging the wall when Scotty 2 Hotty walks by him, on his way out the door. Pete apparently doesn't give the Minister a wide enough berth (I thought those suits were getting a little tight) and throws MacKay a shove, using mostly his elbow.

Heated words are exchanged and it looks like the two giants of manliness are about to come to blows (Pun? Up to you).

On his way out the door, our styling member of the Martin cabinet came back for seconds, whispering a few not-so-sweet nothings into MacKay's ear, before prompts a hasty retreat to the Ministerial ride.

I'm sure Mr. MacKay was being complimented by our Liberal friend on his performance in the Commons earlier that afternoon.

They are both gentlemen, after all.

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