Thursday, December 08, 2005


Brilliant addition to today's "announcement" from my colleague K-Mac:

"Along with a plan to ban handguns, Paul Martin today is expected to unveil his party's plan to ban murder in Canada.

The proposed ban on murder is said to target urban Toronto where a high number of gang related murders have been committed this year but Liberal sources emphasised that the murder ban would be in effect across all of Canada.

"Unlike the Conservatives, the Liberal party takes murder seriously, which is why we are proposing this ban. Criminals and potential murderers need to know that murder is unacceptable in Canada and this ban on murder will be an emphatic message to Canadians: don't commit murder."

While Martin acknowledged that technically murder is already illegal in Canada he pointed out that it was the message that was important.

"We are sending a message to these criminals with both the handgun and the murder ban that we will not accept this behaviour. People need to know that handguns and murder are wrong and that their government takes this seriously. Two laws banning murder will send that message."

Martin also pointed out that the Conservatives don't have a plan to ban murder."

He doesn't have a blog, so I'm posting it here.

Well done.

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