Friday, December 09, 2005


Other pundits have mentioned it, but you can't throw a stick these days without hitting a Martin photo op of PMPM surrounded by the country's young 'uns.

As Paul Wells mentions, its getting so bad that they might name the plane (a Press Gallery tradition) on the theme ("Air Photo Op" was the one mentioned, although I'd go for "Air Jazz Income Trust Inc." myself).

But back to the kiddies.

When I look at these kind of events, I try to acertain what the thinking is behind it. What are his campaign trying to do here? I'm assuming its not because PMPM likes kids, if you know what I mean. Hey, we should do a release about Martin's support for child porno..... oh wait.


So anyway, what kind of an image are you trying to portray when you surround your candidate with Canadians of the anklebiter variety?

In my mind, you're looking to associate his image with some key themes or ideas:

Or put another way, you can also use images or themes to try and change the image of your candidate, party or policy. As Dr. Phil says--80% of communication is non-verbal. In this case, you group a pack of teenagers, grade schoolers or "urban youth" when your candidate is:

Although, I'm not quite ready to dismiss the reasoning for why PM2 is kickin' it with the shorties is because they are the only ones that still look at him with some kind of awe (Hey, that's the guy on TV!") and they won't ask him any complicated questions.

Although, as we saw from my last post, that's only because the uppity ones are kept outside.

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