Monday, December 12, 2005


You'd think the PM's Director of Communications would know better than to reveal their inner most thoughts on national TV. But here we have Scott Reid telling us what all us parents can't wait to blow our Conservative Child Care Credit on:

"Scott Reid, Martin's director of communications, was attacking a Conservative plan to give families of young children $1,200 a year for child care.

"Don't give people 25 bucks a week to blow on beer and popcorn," Reid said during a panel discussion on CBC News: Sunday. "Give them child-care spaces that work. Stephen Harper's plan has nothing to do with child care."

I guess I'm going to have to put down my large tub and six-pack of Old Milwaukee to slap Scottie outside the head.

I want to make a few points here. Firstly, Reid's comments nicely sum up FIBeral thinking on not only child care in particular, but government in general:


The reason why they refuse to cut taxes, will not refund budget surpluses, create program after program and legislate the hell out of all Canadians is because they think you can't be trusted.

Its like its Halloween and PM2 is taking away your bag of candy: "Now, Billy, I can't leave this with you. If I do, you'll sit up all night eating all your candy and you'll get sick. Plus, you won't have any candy left. Give it here. Father knows best."

So, the question than becomes who do you trust? Its a simple choice. Under the Conservative plan, the money goes directly to me, the Hipster. Under the FIBeral plan, the money goes to Premier Dalton McGuinty to spend as he sees fit on programming.

So, let's run down the case for each one, shall we? (Stupid Blogger--we need a "columns" feature!)

i) Broken 50 promises--so far

ii) Cannot balance provincial budget

iii) Splurges $3.8 billion on unplanned, unbudgeted spending

iv) Relies on others to provide child care

i) A man of his word

ii) Balances household budget

iii) Spends money on things like food, shelter, clothing (alright fine, I DO buys things from Baby GAP)

iv) Relies 100% on himself for his childcare funding (and presents from generous family members)

So the question becomes: WHO SHOULD CANADIANS TRUST?

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