Monday, December 12, 2005


Yes another dubious achievement for the FIBerals:

Canada's political parties rated among the most corrupt in new global survey

MARIA BABBAGE Sun Dec 11, 6:28 PM ET

OTTAWA (CP) - An international group that tracks global graft says Canadians believe political parties are the most corrupt institution in the country.

The dubious distinction was awarded to Canada by Transparency International. The Berlin-based group made the determination in its latest global corruption barometer.

Canada's standing was determined based on a public opinion poll taken in the months after Auditor General Sheila Fraser accused the Liberal government run by Jean Chretien last year of "breaking every rule in the book" with the sponsorship scandal.

You can check out the rest of the story HERE.

And you wonder why when asked, most people are not paying attention to the election? The actions of the FIBs cast a very wide shadow.

A pox on all your houses, as they say.....


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