Tuesday, December 13, 2005


In an effort to reach out to new constituents, I have decided that Stephen Harper should incorporate some slang into his speeches and policy pronouncements.

Not only would it appeal to younger voters, it would make him a little less of a stuffed shirt. Just pop them in here and there. The media will never notice.

I'll do a few today to get the ball rolling, but look for it as a regular feature here on CH:

(Noun) Money,loot.

Example: "Meanwhile, the Liberals have spent mad scrilla on themselves and their friends, and wasted billions of taxpayers’ dollars"

(Adjective) Got it wrong.

Example: "Asked by reporters if a Conservative government would send soldiers to the country, Harper replied: "Don't get it twisted. Our government would not be sending troops to Iraq. We want to encourage American success there. We want to see democracy, but our role is in Afghanistan, it's not in Iraq."

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