Monday, January 30, 2006


Guys, THIS is totally beneath you.

Well, one of you, anyway.

I have read about this show, but I'm not going to watch it. And if I were a former PM, I would tell the producers of the show to stick it.

These people ran the country, were heads of a G7 nation and now their judges on a reality TV show? Please.

You wonder why people look at politicians with little/no respect?

Exhibit A.

Shame on Clark, Mulroney, Turner and Campbell for participating in this farce.

Are we THAT desperate to get people engaged in the political process? Is this the best way to get people to take politics, government and democracy seriously?

If so, we're in deeper doo doo than I thought.

However, for a lot of reasons, I want her to win. "Prime Minister Butt" is a perfectly appropriate outcome in this instance.

"The Butt Government"

"I'm a Butt Head"

"Butt Out, Butt!"

"The Butt Building was christened today....."

"Check out our PM.... nice Butt"

These things just write themselves.

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