Monday, January 09, 2006


Coming to you live from Hipster HQ.

Thought I would use the wonders of technology to give my thoughts on the debate. I guess that would make me a "pundit". Certainly I would consider myself a TV pundit.

So, without further adieu, here are my key findings after a knee-slapping few hours:

1. Jack Layton wears lip gloss, if not blush and/or rouge.

2. If I'm Ralph Goodale and Paul Martin called me the "most honest person I know", I wouldn't consider it flattery.

3. Its official--Stephen Harper has a straight up beer gut. I can see why he appeals to middle class dads--he looks just like one. Harper's stomach was literally resting on top of his podium.

4. My daughter cries everytime Gilles Duceppe talks. Out of the mouths of babes...

5. Is there a suit sale at Moores? Did the 4 horsemen pool their money for a discount? Apparently, it was 70% off if you buy 4 black suits or more.

6. Does PM Martin have vertigo? He's rockin' and swingin' and flailing his arms. He might not be at home behind a podium, but I would put money down on his wicked log driving skills.

7. Paikin could clean a crock pot with his hair.

Oh well. My daughter is falling asleep. I envy her.
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