Wednesday, January 18, 2006


At long last, PMPM and I finally agree on something.

“When Buzz Hargrove comes here with some
of his other union leaders and essentially
says to the progressive forces — to NDP voters —
`I believe that all of these (Liberal) people should be elected,’
that is a very powerful statement.”

-PM Martin, Toronto Star, January 18, 2006

It sure is, Mr. Prime Minister. It says you're willing to get into bed with ANYONE to ensure you stay in power.

Even someone who would rather elect candidates bent on breaking up this country rather than a fresh new government who will make some much needed changes at the federal level.

That statement also tells me that the union leadership in the country is way out of touch with its members--members who the FIBeral government hasn't done a damn thing to help out in 13 years.

The only one who's a threat to the country, its people and to national unity, Buzz, is you.

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