Wednesday, February 15, 2006


Who says all media is biased towards liberals?

Has anyone been watching what is quickly becoming my favorite show ABC's 20/20?

You might remember this show with Barbara Walters and the surpisingly tough (at least on Family Guy) Hugh Downs. It was your typical news magazine program, with "in depth" features about a particular murder case or an interview with a charming celebrity.

But ever since out-of-work porn star John Stossel took over the hosting duties, its turned into a cornicopia of common sense conservative thinking. Its now my favorite show these days (of course becuase Prisonbreak isn't on until March).

Here are a few of my favorite episodes:

  1. Stupid In America: How Lack of Choice Cheats Our Kids Out of a Good Education
  2. The Real Price of Pork Barrel Spending
  3. The Good Side of Greed
  4. Myths Lies and Nasty Behaviour: Think Gas Is More Expensive, Urban Sprawl Is Bad? Think Again
  5. Lookism: The Ugly Truth About Beauty

I love it! Every time I watch (Friday Night, 10:00 pm EST) I can't help but wonder who's ass they're going to kick this week. Stossel is a general prick (without being nasty) and he asks pretty pointed questions without blinking an eye. In an episode debunking the myth of outsourcing, he calls two American farmers receiving generous grants from the federal government "welfare queens". All they could sputter out was "well, I would disagree with you, sir..."

In an age where news programs spend more time on the culture of celebrity and fawning over ever pet cause of the liberal elite, its nice to see at least one program (and again, on ABC no less) that is focusing on facts and not worring about being politically correct.

I thought only Magnum could make a mustache cool. Then along came John Stossel.

Nah, the bush mouth is still stupid. But I sure do love his program!

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