Friday, February 10, 2006


Now, c'mon Garth.

I've read your bio. You're a smart guy.

You've written books on personal finance, and you're the CEO of one of the largest independent producers of network programming in the country.

And you know how the public stage works.

You've been an MP and a Minister, been on television as a host and commentator.

You're used to being in the public eye and having people pay attention to you.

So man to man, Tory to Tory, blogger to blogger, I have a simple, straightforward question I need to ask you:

What the hell is up with that suit jacket???

I mean, leather? A leather (or possibly plether) suit jacket? C'mon.

If this was, say, 1987, and you had on sunglasses AND some sort of a bright, frilly, open collar shirt I MIGHT think you had some style.

But as a politician in a tie? Behind a Canadian flag?

It almost hurts too much just to keep looking at it.

Oops--I just threw up in my mouth.

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