Monday, March 20, 2006

Enter, Stage Right

Greetings fellow blogospherians,

So this is my inaugural entry into the blogosphere and although I have lots to say, this post is just going to be a little bit bland.

A few housekeeping things:

First, big thanks to B-Double for giving this opportunity to keep the Conservative Hipster going. I feel like Jason Todd taking over for Dick Grayson. I only hope I don't get voted out like he did. It is a bit humbling to know that my good friend B thinks highly enough of me to let me continue his work. B-Double is moving on to bigger and better (and dare I say, more grown up) blogging work. I am content to remain an anonymous sidekick for now.

Second, I have not taken the time to learn all the nuts and bolts of the blog website, so over the next week or so, B-Double is going to help me personalize it just a little bit better to represent my interpretation of what it means to be a Conservative Hipster.

Third, a little bit about me (if I was completely up on this blogosphere, here is where I would put the "MY SO-CALLED LIFE: My so-called life" header):

I have known B-Double for over a decade now and we have been bonded by our love of the absurd. And as anyone who has followed right wing politics over the last decade or so, we have had lots to keep us amused.

My hope is that I never take myself so seriously that I can't laugh at myself. The Q comes not from 007 or Star Trek, but from my favourite politician, Diamond Joe Quimby. (In fact, when I heard that there was possibly an opening here at Conservative Hipster, I caught the very first plane back to Springfeld....urrr, ummm, Springfield).

I think I have some good policy ideas which I float ever now and then, and while I am Ontario-centric (meaning I am a card carrying PCPO member), I am also fond of our new CPC.

I tend to be more libertarian in my social views, meaning you won't find too many rants about same sex marriage here with the following exception:

There are those who oppose gay marriage because the do not condone the lifestyle. They do not think it is right for two people of the same sex to engage in sexual activity. I cannot think of a better way to stop two gay people from having sex than by allowing them to marry.

That's not mine, but I cannot for the life of me remember where I heard it. My wife slaps me when I say it in public.

Finally, I just wanted to let you know whose blogs I regularly read:

Warren Kinsella - because he is witty, not afraid to call it like he sees it, and so beautifully partisan that when he has an issue, no one doubts his sincerity to the party.

Calgary Grit - because he always has the most balanced and fair insight into Liberal Party politics. I think if we met, we would enjoy a cold ale and share lots of tall tales.

Adam Daifallah - because he is among the smartest and brightest on the right side of the political spectrum and I usually learn something new when I read his commentary.

The Colbert Report - because he knows he is right, and so am I.

Paul Wells - because he does return my emails.

Andrew Coyne - because I agree with him more often than not.

Rick Mercer - because he makes me laugh out loud.

There are others, and as I get the hang of this, I will link more often than not.

So there you have it. Probably a bit longer than one of these should be. I do hope to post more often the B-Double (one of my ongoing complaints about the lazy bastard). And I will probably reveal more about myself than anyone cares to know.

For those of you who know me, I am looking forward to your assessment of my "hipness". For those of you who don't, I can only say:



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