Friday, March 17, 2006


Well, folks, the transfer of authority is complete. Regime change at CH.

Does that make me the Paul Martin of the Blogging Tories?

I will introduce the new owner at in the next post, but I first wanted to talk about what's most important: Me.

I started off this blog because I had a lot to say and I couldn't stand listening to the left and the media painting Conservatives as cold-blooded corporate whores or crazy nutjobs. At the same time, I wanted to show the outside world that we're not all a Borg-like monolithic collective.

I think I've done that. This blog has witnessed the U.S. election, the disappointing 2004 federal election, the victorious 2006 version, the Ontario PC Leadership and countless by-elections. During that time, I've commented on events of the day with regular smarminess and almost no frontal nudity.

This blog has been voted "Blog of the Week" by the Soapbox and mentioned by at least one MP as his favorite. Its been on Kinsella's page and despite numerous flowers and handwritten sonnets, not on Inkless Wells.

Regular traffic, lots of linkage. Success as far as I'm concerned. And something I hope continues.

So, before we get to intros of the the new Hipster, I have a few pearls I'd like to share with you on my way out the door:
  1. I will be popping up online again soon. Count on it.
  2. I want to thank Adam Daifallah for being one of the first larger blogs to give CH "props" at a time when ALL my regular readership had the same last name as me. I really need to read your book. I swear I'll get to it. I'll even buy it!
  3. Since I didn't know, apparently "GMD" = "Gay Midget Dwarf" = Tom Cruise. Guess I'm not as hip as I thought.
  4. I'd like to give a big middle finger to Mike Brock, who never returned an e-mail, posted a link or responded in any way (even when I linked to him) when I was trying to promote my blog early on. Who gives a rats ass if you're occasionally on the radio, dude?
  5. Calgary Grit is a great source for REAL, balanced commentary on all things FIBeral. Should be a daily read.
  6. The last season of the Sopranos will be fantastic. Its only Episode 1 and already Tony gets shot? Oops. Spolier alert! Awesome anyway.
  7. Free Dominion is an embarassment. I've never seen so much bigotted, homophobic whining and complaining ANYWHERE that poses as legitimate political commentary. Stop playa hatin', beyotches! If people want ammo on the CPC, that should be your first stop. Unfortunately, I hear Harper's crew actually takes it seriously.
  8. Big up to Stephen Taylor and Craig Smith for starting up the Blogging Tories. A fantastic initiative that should be replicated at the provincial level and at every possible opportunity. They are directly reponsible for many a blog's success. Believe it.
  9. We should cut PM Harper some slack, but his crew needs to step up their game. These three months have been the round robin. When Parliament opens, its the playoffs.
  10. White is the new black this season.

Anyway, folks, its been real. I hope to have some guest spots on CH, and the Colbert Report and Uncommon Truths have offered a place if I want it. So, if I feel the need to rant, I have places to vent.

I hope you keep checking in here. I know I will.

Peace out--B-Double is Audi 5000 (hip hop lingo; you wouldn't understand, as much as I've tried).

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