Thursday, March 23, 2006

Our rich neighbours...

The other day, Adam had a discussion about whether Ralph Klein was a true conservative or not.

I think this pretty much answers the question...

While I don't think Ralph is a true conservative, by any stretch of the definition, I am very jealous of Alberta. I love the province, I love Calgary and Edmonton. I would love to live there. They are making it easier and easier for me to make that choice a reality.

I know there is the whole bonus from natural resources, but just think what our bonus here in Ontario would have been over the last 10 years if we hadn't been mired in debt. (Back of the envelope shows me at least $115 Billion in interest payments in the last decade). If Mike Harris hadn't given up our program in 1998 and kept things moving, we could have been 15 Billion less in debt and had another couple billion in interest savings.

I don't see anyone on the right side of the spectrum here in Ontario who gets this.

We will have to be satisfied with someone who just promises to hold the line on taxes.



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