Thursday, March 30, 2006

Q! Talk Daily: The West Wing finale

So I am reading this, (UPDATED: I meant this) which pretty much gives away almost everything that is going on with the West Wing, and I see that they are planning a nude scene.

I am not sure who will be nude, but I am guessing it is Jimmy Smits' butt.

At that point, the series will have officially "jumped the shark", luckily there are only a few episodes left.

While some have been complaining about the direction of the show, I have really enjoyed the campaign episodes. I like Alan Alda as a "compassionate conservative" and I find him really believable (although it is hard not to see Hawkeye from time to time).

I began my career in partisan politics as a true idealogue, but now I get a rush from the game. A sad devolution from principled-partisan to political hack.

Oh well.

By the way, if you live in Nepean-Carleton, Whitby-Ajax, or the Beaches, get out and vote today (unless you are planning on voting Liberal or NDP, in which case, stay home and don't worry about it).


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