Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Dealing with Thugs

After my post yesterday, I recieved the following comment from OneMoreMiddleAgedGuy:

So the land of the dictator Castro who not so long ago called Canadians a
nation of bastards now has several thousand of your hard earned dollars!

My response was, "That is true, and if it all works out well, I hope to have several hundred thousand of his."

Which leads me to my question of the day? Who is it acceptable to trade with?

Given the number of dictatorships, monarchies and out-right thuggeries that are still out their in this day and age, should we trade with them. My argument would be yes. I don't think sanctions (like those against Iraq and the ones the US uses against Cuba) actually hurt those in charge. The only ones who suffer are the people. Are we cutting our nose of to spite our face.

In the case of Cuba (and in the interest of full disclosure, I holiday there whenever I can), the country is getting hard currency from an influx of tourists (1.3 Million in 2000, 4.3 Million last year), and increase in Nickel and Oil and Sugar prices have given it actual money. Sherit in Canada is in a joint venture to exploit their nickel reserves. Why should I not benefit from increasing their awareness and subsequently reducing their potential environmental impact.

In the past, I have sold equipment to China through Canadian companies that have established factories there. Even though some of their regulations are much less than ours, our Canadian companies are driving the agenda to exceed the local regulations.

Should we be sending arms shipments to China/Cuba/Iran? No, definitely not. But other products? For sure.

Q out

PS Of course I am a conservative conservationist. I am happy to protect the environment as long as I can profit from it :-)

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