Monday, April 17, 2006

A few thoughts from the past week..

1) Warren Kinsella's article about Stephen Harper using the term God Bless Canada to end every speech was right on. I don't enjoy going to church, but I married a good catholic girl, and part of the deal was we would attend church. My preference would be to sleep in on Sunday's like I did in my bachelor days (although to be fair, the term would be "sleep off" back then). I don't particularly "get it" with all the standing up, sitting down and kneeling, but it gives comfort to my wife and provides a moral compass for her. I let her be my moral compass and we are all happy. I have absolutely no problem with asking God (whomever she may be) to continuing to bless Canada ("and nowhere else" <-Chris Rock movie line, which one?)...because.... this leads me to...

2) I was away last week in Havana exploring a series of business opportunities. I believe that every Canadian upon graduating highschool should be forced to spend 3 months in a third world country. Upon returning, I am certain that they would understand how much He/She/It has blessed Canada and there would be a lot less whining and a lot more effort in making Canada just a wee bit better. In my spare time (when I am not blogging) I design air pollution control equipment for industrial applications. The conditions I saw in Cuba would make me jump for joy, if they could actually afford our stuff. The reality of this socialist paradise is that only industries which draw in hard currency are even interested/allowed in improving their air quality. The health of the workers is not even a concern, the entire pitch had to be about improving productivity. Of the six plants I visited, the only one that was concerned about worker's health was the sugar industry, and that was only because of health related absenteeism.

3) If Preston Manning wins the Alberta Leadership, I may just have to move out there. I think Preston has some strong ideas on how government should be run, and given the fiscal position of Alberta, would be able to implement some ideas with minimal upheaval. As Adam D. points out, throwing money at every problem and spending like drunken sailors is not what being a conservative is all about.

There are probably more thoughts about last week, but a small amount of Cuban Rum has prevented me from fully compiling them in a coherent manner.


PS Just because I don't enjoy church does not mean I am willing to give up my Easter Holiday, so I hope everyone had a Happy Easter.

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