Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Incremental Senate Reform...

There are those who are opposed to small reforms to the Senate. But I think that some small steps are worth taking. Limiting terms of Senators to eight years is a good start (provided they can't be reappointed) until real, fundamental reforms can take place.

I reiterate, I do not have a problem with having an equal number of senators from each province.

Here is another idea:

Senate elections would coincide with provincial elections. The new senators would be appointed on a proportional basis by the leaders of the provincial parties. This would certainly ensure provincial buy in. The Senate would almost always be in flux, but at least the provinces would feel they have a say in the workings of Confederation.

I still like the idea of 10 Senators per Province. After each provincial election, the leaders of the provincial parties (those who recieved, say, more than 15% of the popular vote, would get to appoint their choice for Senators). Ideally, each party leader would be required to submit a list of 10 names as their choices prior to the provincial election (say when nominations for candidates is cut off).

Boy, I bet Prime Minister Harper put me in charge of Senate reform.

There's a thought, appoint me to the Senate now, and I will spend the next 40 years reforming the Senate.

Really I will. I promise.


Municipal Election Update

Well three weeks in and no one has challenged me yet. I must be doing a such great job that 100% of the population wants me acclaimed :-)

Actually, my ward-mate has not filed yet. I suspect he is waiting to see if he is going to make the jump to the Regional level, which means there will be a vacancy in my ward, which means lots of people will take a stab at it, which means no acclamation.

Believe me when I say, I believe in democracy and local politics are democracy at its truest form. It doesn't mean I wouldn't rather be acclaimed.

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