Thursday, June 15, 2006

Men need not apply?

I find this pledge a little bit disturbing.

Not because I don't want to see more women in politics, but because of this simple question:

How can you guarantee more women in politics if you are committed to a fair and open nomination process?

McGuinty has it easy. He can just appoint his candidates.

Is John Tory looking for the same authority? Do we need to change our Party Constitution to give him that power? Isn't this a set back for all the women in the legislature (hi Christine Elliot) who fought a nomination battle against a man and won?



UPDATE: Evidently Christine didn't have to go through a nomination process. See the comments section. But does being acclaimed mean the same as being appointed.

UPDATED: Evidently Ian McNeil did run for the nomination but withdrew prior to the nomination meeting. Interested to know if he actually filed nomination intentions with the party?

UPDATEDER: In fact, the original shout out to Christine in my original post is irrelevant. The point is: How is the party going to ensure more women are nominated while respecting the integrity of the nomination process?

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