Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Peace be with you...

...at least until we get to the parking lot!!!

One of my favourite criticisms of organized religion and a raging example of, well, road rage takes place each and every morning at my local church.

As a point of full disclosure, I only go to church cuz my wife makes me. It was one of the conditions of getting her father's blessing that our kids would be raised Catholic. I signed on thinking that if the wife and kids headed down to church every Sunday, I could sleep in. Turns out I was actually expected to go. (D'oh!)

Anyways, this past Sunday was a perfect example of why I think some who attend church are a bit hypocritical. As we get ready to leave (and keep in mind we are usually among the last out and we have to strap two kids into their car seats), everyone else decides that the lines and arrows directing traffic to circle around the parking lot no longer apply to them.

It took us almost 10 minutes to get out of parking lot. 10 minutes. Keep in mind it takes two point five minutes to drive from one end of my town to the other.

It is difficult to keep a straight face when the people I have just shared the "peace of God" with are yelling at others while still in the parking lot.

Somewhere, I think, my God is smiling because he has a sick sense of humour.


PS Belated Happy Father's Day to everyone to whom it applies. Needed a little down time this past weekend and ended up in Nova Scotia yesterday. Busy day all in all.

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