Tuesday, June 13, 2006

US Air Travel...

...Is actually quite civilized. I am sitting at Buffalo Airport awaiting my flight to Chicago (unrelated to my crane needs of yesterday, which were resolved easily enough).

I am litening to a fello traveller who is complaining about security measures, how invasive they are and how much extra time he has to allow to accomodate.

I am not overly sympathetic. I would rather wait an additional 5 minutes if it means a little extra scrutiny.

I laugh that I have to take off my belt, but it goes to show my gym efforts have not been as effective as I would have liked as my pants did not fall down.

Taking off my shoes is just a health hazzard to my fellow travellers.

However, all in all, I find air travel within the US super easy and I think we take it all for granted.

I just finished reading a book called Warday, which uses a pseudo-documentary/journalistic review of the United States five years after a limited nuclear exchange between the USSR and the states. It was written in 1984, takes place in 1993 and talks about the one day war in October 1988. Frighteningly realistic and a good read. The one thing that is emphasised is the lack of air travel and how that effects the overall economy from recovering.


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