Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Why I shouldn't be a politician (a confession of sorts..)

Last night at council, I lost my temper.

I have prided myself on not taking the ramblings and rantings of delegations to our council personally. I smile to myself and let the people have their ten minutes at the mike and let them get it off their chest. Usually they are content to let it go after lambasting council for various wrongs (real and percieved) perpertrated on them by the council of the day.

Last night was different. A person who had successfully defeated a town by-law at the OMB came council to "clarify" some of the issues. (in actual fact, he came to gloat)

He began, as expected, claiming that some councillors, at the previous meeting where the OMB decision was discussed, had made erroneous and misleading statements. At this point I sat back because I knew I was not one of those. In fact, I had been supportive of this person's position since the beginning, had spent hours on end with him and his wife discussing options and compromises and generally explaining the process they would have to follow if they were unhappy with the town's position.

It was then that I was blindsided as the only one of nine this person decided to jump on. My comment at the May 15 meeting was taken out of context and pointed to as an example of erroneous and misleading.

At this point I lost it, I snapped, head faked him with a copy of the Official Plan, one-two to the solar plexus, and he dropped like a sack of shredded by-laws....

...no that was just me fantasizing.

I did, however, take him to task for statements made, the impact of the OMB decision in limiting future council directions and the fact that while he may claim he was not "anti-daycare" (which is what the issue was all about), the argument and precedent he set at the OMB meant that no future daycare would be allowed in residential areas within our town.

Afterwards, I honestly debated with myself whether I should be in this racket or not. It has dawned on me that I do not suffer fools well enough to be a "polished" politician. I do, however, get things done. And maybe that will be the measure of my success (or failures).

So, for the time being, my name remains on the ballot, but I can think of at least one person who will be seriously considering challenging me.

"Bring It On!!!!"


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