Tuesday, July 11, 2006

CBC has the One

So while I am completely PO'd that CBC is resorting to importing American television like "the one", I am pleasantly surprised that George will be hosting.

I have to admit that I despise this sort of crap. These "instant celebrity shows" (not just because I have never been asked to compete) and all these other "reality" shows are eating into excellent programming because they are cheap to produce and they appeal to the voyeuristic side of the great unwashed.

If CBC wants to import US style shows, why not some of their good ones that are getting cancelled south of the border. Examples..

I was a Wonderfalls fan. A brilliant, well written, hillarious show. Only to see it cancelled after four episodes and replaced with.......wait for it......"The Swan".

I was getting addicted to Mr. Sterling. Another smart show, only to see the idiots who run NBC cancel it after 5 shows and send it packing to be replaced by other crap.

I was just beginning to enjoy Commander in Chief only to have ABC pull the plug after one season.

I have decided that the first against the wall when the revolution comes will not be the marketing division of sirius cybernetics corporation, it will be Network Executives responsible for programming.

That is all.


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