Monday, July 24, 2006

MidEast Peace

I, like most reasonable people, would like to see peace in the middle east.

However, when one side is committed to the destruction of the other, I don't know how peace can be achieved by negotiation.

How can you sit down at a bargaining table and negotiate the point:

Hezzbolah: "We want the destrution of Israel"

Israel: "We want to exist"

Hezzbolah: "Well, okay then, we want to only destroy 90% of Israel"

Israel: "Well that is a little unreasonable, what say we consent to letting you destroy 20% of us"

Hezzbolah: "That is completely unacceptable, we cannot accept anything less than the destruction of 75% of Israel. AND we must destroy the part we can drive into the sea"

Israel: "Hold up there, we cannot live with 75% destruction. I think, best guess, on this go around we could consent to 25% destruction. "

UN Negotiator: 'We have the basis for an agreement. We will allow Hezzbolah to destroy 25% of Israel now, and we will create a special UN mission to determine the timetable for the destruction of the other 50%, leaving Israel with 25% by 2020."

All agree and shake hands.

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