Monday, July 31, 2006

Need some help from my bilingual friends....

Would you say that these two sentences are identical:

"This model can only be inter connected with models G-6, G-18 or 406"


"Ce modele ne peut etre interconnecte qu'avec les modeles G-6, G-18 ou 406"

My french is only rudimentary and I admit that I do not have the grammar I need to properly convey my thoughts into french. However, am I missing something or does the "ne" in the second sentence mean "not" or does it mean "only" in this context.

I would appreciate some guidance as I am certain the unit I purchased is NOT compatible with the system I have, but the english sentence clearly says it can be.

It has caused me no end of grief this past week.



(oh, et merci)

UPDATE: Thanks to spitfire for the quick response. I now know that the french and english comments on the box are correct. So I am not upset about that. What I am upset about is upon opening the unit and reading the instructions, it says the exact opposite (in both french and english).

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