Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Questioning my credentials?

One thing I do love about the blogosphere is the self-appointed "keepers of the faith" who decide who and who is not "conservative" based on the comments on the blog.

Yesterday I admitted that I liked George S and am happy for him he is hosting The One. I think it is great when Canadian Talent gets to showcase itself to American Audiences.

I also like the fact that George is proudly Canadian and would rather do his own show here in Canada (albeit lefty and on the CBC) rather than chase the "big bucks" down south.

I admit I would be hard pressed to turn down big money and fame down south if it meant giving up my Canadian gig here. (see my money-grubbing conservative right wing side does come out)

So, for those who want to question my commitment to the cause, I have only two words:

Bite me



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