Monday, July 10, 2006

Rested and Relaxed...

...after a week of holidays.

Now back to the real world.

While I was out of touch, I hear there was some kerfuffal about the cheque exchange idea and how we (Tories) were screwing the taxpayers while they (Liberals) were screwing the taxpayers but a little more blatantly.

The cheque exchange idea is not new. Our riding associations have been doing something for several years. If there is no receipt for the convention, our riding association would offer to pay for delegates food, travel and lodging for a convention (perfectly allowable under the law). Since we are all good Tories and don't want to our funds depleted, we would offer to make a donation in an amount similar to what the convention cost us.

The riding association would then issue a tax receipt for the donation.

So, for example, the riding association would make a motion to pay for certain expenses for the convention for each recogonized delegate - perfectly legal

The delegate would keep receipts for food, lodging and travel - perfectly legal

The delegate, upon his or her return, would submit his receipts for reimbursement by the local riding association - perfectly legal

The riding association would then issue an expense cheque out of their funds to cover the costs - perfectly legal

The delegate (out of the goodness of his/her heart) would then issue a donation in an amount not dissimilar to the amount paid - perfectly legal

The delegate would then get a receipt for the donation - perfectly legal

Which is why we in the Tory party say if you have done 6 perfectly legal things today, come join our party.

Are taxpayers subsidizing our lifestyles? Yes.

Is it legal? Yes.

If we have a problem with it, we should change the political donation rules so that the tax credit is a tax deduction and that the bonus for donating to political parties and riding associations is reduced or eliminated.

In the meantime, stop whining.


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