Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Green Plan II

(Or How I learned to stop worrying and love global warming)

The environmental debate has been hijacked by Kyoto and Global Warming.

I am not one who is concerned about Global Warming. While Global Warming may make changes to our lifestyles, flood our cities and devestate our crops, Global Warming in and of itself is easy enough to overcome. There are many climates warmer than that of Canada now and mankind survives and adapts. Different crops can be grown and adapted to the weather. And personally, there are a few cities that need to be flooded out.

The real problem with the environment is how many chemicals and contaminates we allow into the air. Carbon Dioxide will not kill you. VOCs and PFCs and all those other lovely chemicals that are dumped legally and within current limits are what will kill us and poison us and basically make life unbearable. It is these chemicals that cause smog, not greenhouse gasses.

It is my sincere hope that Green Plan II takes a good hard look at these problems, introduces mandatory filtration (activated carbon, bioredux filters, etc) to actually tackle the real problem.

There is a demographic out there that supports environmental protection. They do not usually vote conservative. If I was Stephen Harper or John Tory, I would actively recruit Jim Harris (former leader of the Green Party), appoint him to a caucus task force on the environment, develop a plan of action to deal with the poisons and chemicals we dump legally into our air and water, and get him to run under our banner in the next election. It should be made clear that should he win, he would automatically become Environment Minister.

If they didn't already have my vote, they would certainly get it.


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