Friday, September 15, 2006

I have become one of those whiny guys...

...and I hate myself for it.

But with being challenged, I check the town website regularly to see if anyone else is coming out of the woodwork. And I noticed that my name was last and thought to myself with there only being three candidates and everyone getting to make two choices, that left me out in the cold.

I don't think ballot position should make a difference, especially with an incumbent, especially with a name like QUIRK, if you have done a good job, if you have run a good campaign, people should know how to vote for you.

However, I found myself reciting the ballot to make sure Q actually came after S and lo and behold, it doesn't. Q comes first. The town clerk had made a mistake.

So I felt relief which is odd for someone who doesn't care about ballot position :-)

In the end, the clerk said she would correct it.

So until Amanda ADAMSON and Billy Bob BENSON file their papers, I remain in the number two spot.

Whiny policital wannabe Q out

Oh, and just for the record, I was last on the ballot last election and got the most votes, so maybe I have just jinxed myself. Damn, didn't think of that.

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