Friday, September 08, 2006

Ready to waste away my time..

...I have decided that there are quite a few new TV shows coming out that I am interested in seeing. However, since all of them seem to conflict with meeting nights, I might have to invest in a PVR or whatever it is you kids are calling VCRs these days.

Jericho looks morbid. Eureka is quite excellent. Shark looks good, and because of my double life, I think Smith might resonate as well.

My problem is I don't want to commit too much time to these shows because they get you interested and then cancel them out from under you, but if I don't invest the time, they don't get the ratings and then they get cancelled. It is a serious catch 22.

Maybe I'll just wait for the survivors (no not Survivor) and buy the DVDs

Have a great weekend,

Q out

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