Thursday, September 07, 2006

So Football isn't David Millers thing..

...neither is it mine. I go to the occasional Ti Cat game when invited and I watch Buffalo lose on the odd, snowy Sunday if the kids are napping, but I will admit without hesitation that I am no football guy.

However, I would like to see a NFL team in Toronto.

If for no other reason than it might increase my odds in my local football pool as I might actually pay attention to who is who.

And yes, I belong to a football pool. But if you think it is tough being a conservative blogger, try belonging to a football pool with rabid fans.

I participate in this pool because a buddy of mine from university invited me trying to fill up his roster and this is my 8th year. I consistently lose. In fact, those who play me consider me the bye week or a guaranteed win. No money on it, just bragging rights and as it stands now in life, I have more to brag about than the other losers in the pool, so I am happy to throw them a bone once in a while.

However, controversy abounds because I traded the number one WR for some solid D players an a mediocre RB (for those who are as football illiterate as I - WR = wide recieve, D = defense and RB = running back and from what I gather the WR occasionaly recieves the ball, the D provides some sort of defensive capabilities to the game and the RB will do some sort of running from time to time).

All I had to base my decision was on the point scoring system set up and probabilities for scoring those points (while I may not be too good with football, I do generally get my math right).

So I accepted a trade and all hell has broken loose.

People are feeling sorry for me and berating the guy who "took advantage of me" which bugs me even more.

I have decided that if they disallow the trade, I am going to bench all my players for the season.

What is the point of all this:

Oh yeah, a couple of the guys are screaming, rabid liberals who are laughing at our claim to be a "grass roots" party when our candidates for nomination have to sue to be allowed to run. Total BS in my opinion and maybe we need to rethink or at least publish why candidates are disqualified.


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