Friday, September 22, 2006

Vegetative States... I have to admit, I have been watching more TV than I should lately as the new shows become available.

Yes there is lots of federal/provincial and municipal politics that I could comment on, but...

Studio 60 looks like it is going to be the one to beat. For those who liked that witty "west wing banter", you should like this one. Most of the cast and cameos are from West Wing places which leads me to ask: Does Aaron Sorkin only know 20 people in Hollywood, or what.

Shark started off great, but I felt the James Woods character mellowed too quickly, so the conflict that would make this show great is going to look kind of forced from now on.

My wife is loving Greys Anatomy, but like ER, I find those operating scenes just a little too realistic.

Looking forward to Smith next. And if it lives up to expectations, I will be able to program my PVR and get back to real political commentary.


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