Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Rainy Day Musings

So council went late last night. Must be an election year. Our Cogeco tech who films all our meetings (poor bastard) commented that he hadn't seen this much grandstanding in three years :-)

Went out for a beer afterwards with my ward mate and discussed the dynamics of the council and as such, I am wiped.

Add a sick kid, and my level of alertness has dwindled.

On top of that, it is a lousy day (no snow, thank goodness), but a miserable rainy day.

So with all that, here are a couple of musings on life, universe and everything:

1) Liberal Leadership

I believe that Stephen Harper will beat either Rae or Iggy. My reason for think that if the Liberals choose Rae, we win Ontario. If they choose Iggy, we win Quebec. Ontario is not ready to forgive Bob Rae for what he did to this province and listening to him in this recent debate, he has not learned from his mistakes and is unable to defend his record. In Quebec, Iggy is on the same side of the issues that are pulling us down (Afghanistan and close to the Americans), so will the federalist forces vote for Harper or Harper-lite. I also think Harper is in a position in the next budget to make some major changes to the equalization system that will benefit Quebec and Iggy is going to have to vote against it to defeat the budget and then defend that in Quebec.

2) Missile Defense

Why would we not sign on to a defensive system that will protect our cities from errant missiles when it doesn't cost us anything. How can it accelerate an arms race? Please explain that to me.

3) Municipal Campaigns

I don't understand why some candidates think it is enough to publish their resumes and that should be a reason to vote for them. Doesn't anyone discuss ideas anymore? Our local paper lamented the fact that "good" people do not run for council because it is too hard to knock of incumbents, but then they refuse to publish letters to the editor from candidates or engage in discussions of ideas.

4) Sick Kids

If you have a child with a cold and cough, I suggest not bringing them into to be with you, for when they wake you up at 3:30 am in the morning coughing their lovely, little kiddie cooties into your face, you WILL get the cold and cough in the next 24 hours. It is how that works and also explains why I am in a miserable mood.

Q out

PS Sorry for the length of time between posts, campaign is heating up and I am out knocking on doors and making phone calls.

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