Friday, December 08, 2006

Gay Marriage - Losing the Motion

I am glad it was, for all intents and purposes, a free vote (the BQ and NDP requiring all their members to vote against it was not actually much of a stretch, really).

I am not happy that those who oppose the concept of same-sex marriage are planning to continue lobbying and try to keep the issue alive. Or stop supporting the conservatives who voted against the motion.

Here's an idea for those who support marriage in general. Why not lobby the government to implement programs that make it more desirable to be married? (I don't know, how about introducing income splitting as an option.... oh wait).

if you really support marriage, give the government of the day a list of ideas, policies and programs that would make it easier to be married, stay married and raise a family.

I have the same problem with those who want to oppose abortion by making it illegal. Why not lobby the government for programs and benefits for those who choose to keep their child (either increased tuition support for single mothers or 100% maternity leave coverage, etc.)

Those who are pro-choice would not be able to complain if they honestly believe it should be a woman's choice, how could they complain about programs making it easier to make it a real choice.

Just my rambling thoughts on a Friday morning, and probably rather incoherent.


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