Wednesday, January 10, 2007

My Faith... not shaken.

Those who read my blog somewhat regularly will know that I am a faithful church-goer.

Those who read between the lines on my blog, know full well I only go to make my wife happy.

I don't like to follow any doctrine religiously (sorry, couldn't resist) and I think that those who profess to follow Jesus' teachings haven't actually read them.

As far as my limited experience with the teachings of Christ (be him the son of god or just a really nice guy) lead me to believe essentially "live and let live." A sensible doctrine that most of us (especially those of us in politics) tend to forget.

If it turns out that the guy really didn't exist, it doesn't make his message of "do unto one another as you would have them do onto you" any less relevant.


PS Just out of curiousity, do you think there would be a different response if these same "scholars" decided to get together to ask if Mohammed existed? Just wondering..

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