Friday, March 09, 2007

Unsolicited advice for the John Tory team...

...despite the current Premier's best efforts, things like this keep coming back to remind everyone that he is a big fat liar who was willing to say anything to get elected and hope that everyone forgot by 2007.

While the "Different Kind of Leader" campaign is nice, warm and fuzzy, wouldn't it make more sense to have everyone of those "endorsements" end with "John Tory, he does what he says he would do." or something a little less wordy, maybe, "John Tory, Promise Made, Promise Kept."

For example:

His time as CFL commissioner - endorsement from players and owners - John said he would do such and such, and he did. He made a promise and he kept it. John Tory is a guy we can trust.

Grab someone from all the charities he has fundraised for - John set a realistic goal, he beat hat goal. Sensible planning allowed John to keep his word. John Torry is the sort of leader we need, an honest leader.

Even his time as leader - After the 2003 election, the Provincial Conservatives were 10 Million in debt. John promised that we would enter the next campaign debt free. He beat that target by 10 months. John Tory, Promise Made, Promise Kept.

Anyways, smarter people than I could make this work, but for crying out loud, stop the fuzzy, warm, cuddly stuff. It isn't letting you define Dalton McGuinty and makes it harder to define John.

If the first half of this year, all everyone hears is how John Tory keeps his word, when we finally release some sort of platform, then people will realize he is serious.


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