Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Global Warming verses Climate Change verses Kyoto

Regular readers of this post know that I am openly hostile to the entire Kyoto protocol.

The reason for this is that I believe we should be using existing technologies to actual combat pollutants, not greenhouse gasses. The Climate Change people have successfully linked Kyoto with Smog in the mind of the public.

Smog is not caused by Greenhouse Gasses. We need greenhouse gasses to survive as a species. Smog pollutants will kill us.

I had hoped against hope that Canada's New Government (TM) would make an attempt to unravel us from the hopeless mess that is Kyoto and concentrate on true, honest to god, pollution.

I am disappointed.

As a tory, I have bit my tongue when I am disappointed by Canada's New Government's inability to act in a conservative manner. I console myself by saying to myself "If we had a majority..." we could implement a true, conservative agenda.

However, with Clean Air and Pollution, having a minority would actually push this issue.

Oh, and here's another thought: If we had nothing in our air but greenhouse gasses, the air would be pretty darn clean.

Think about... carbon dioxide (naturally occuring in clean air), water vapour (naturally occuring in clean air), Nitrogen (naturally occuring in clean air)....


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