Friday, July 13, 2007

35% vs 39%

I wasn't overly upset initially by the fact that Ontario was only to get 35% of the seats in the House of Commons verses 39% that is is entitled to under representation by population.

However, the math works out to a difference of 13 seats (115 at 35% vs 128 at 39% in a 330 seat house).

That is a rather significant difference.

But the real question is: Does anyone not involved in politics really care?

I have brought up the issue to many non-political types and the indifference is incredible. They all answer with the same, sarcastic "Oh, well, we really need more politicians!"


B-Double's Take: Could it be that Ontarians, generally, consider themselves Canadians first and do not feel the need to have their province's "voice" in the House of Commons reflect their position in the country?

I would suspect that if we as Ontarians had a more "Ontario First" perspective, those 13 seats would have all the meaning in the world.

For her part, Chantal Hebert over at the Star thinks this is part of a bigger trend of influence shifting away from Canada's most populous province.

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