Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Are You A Parent? You Need To Read This Post

If you are a parent and you are allowing/making your child wear "Crocs", you are virtually guaranteeing that they will be mocked mercilessly- especially if you live near me.
Allowing teenage boys to walk around in fluorescent orange "sandals" is putting little Billy on the fast track to a beatdown by the local punks. Normally, I'd frown upon such playground justice, but in this instance I say: "Hit him again, Teddy - I heard he just had his appendix removed, so go from the abdomen."
Seriously - these think look good on NO ONE. Megan Fox could come to my house naked wearing these and my buddies would be like "How did she look?" and I would say "Dunno. I never really got past her feet. Stupid Crocs."
Did we learn nothing from the Jelly Shoes epidemic of '86? The North American Leg Warmer crisis? Leather ties? Tapered jeans? C'mon, people! Those who don't acknowledge fashion disasters of the past are doomed to repeat them. Ladies, do you REALLY want to look back on the Summer of 2007 and say (yet again) "I can't believe I wore those!"
But if you need any more reason to take those damn things off, I've give one: Rosie O'Donnell wears them. Get me?

There is a facebook group (that I'm in) called "I don't care how comfortable crocs are you look like a dumbass!)
I am SO joining that group. Thanks!
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