Thursday, July 12, 2007

The Conrad Black Trial: Who Did Who To The What Now?

Okay, I'll admit it. After months and months of blogs, media articles and magazine spreads, not to mention a 38-page spread in the National Post, I really have NO idea what this trial is about.

Q-ADDED: There's a surprise. B-Double doesn't have a clue.

Okay. Its about fraud and bilking investors. My problem is this: with all due respect to my good friend Adam Daifallah, why do I care? Why does Maclean's magazine have a full-time columnist (Mark Steyn) covering the trial? Why does it lead national headlines?

And lastly, why am I finding it so hard to follow? Is it the fact that I only took grade 11 math and barely passed my general accounting courses in university?

Please, Lord, help me to understand!!!

Q-Added: The Canadian Press are all drooling over themselves. The majority of which want to see a conviction because they all worked for him at one time or another. The British press is even worse. Personally, I hope he walks and sues the pants off of everyone. The guy made his shareholders billions. Yes he got a bonus, but show me a CEO that didn't. The only reason they were "non-competes" is because they were tax free. Why wouldn't you want to get tax free bonuses, especially when they are legal.

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