Monday, July 16, 2007

A Good Gig If You Can Get It....

An extreme (and somewhat unusual) example, to be sure, but it basically highlights one reason why I don't give money to homeless folks on the streets of Toronto:

Homeless woman known in Paris as 'the princess' amasses a fortune of about $100,000

Agence-France Presse
Published: Monday, July 16, 2007

Social workers in Paris were astonished to find more than $98,800 on a homeless woman when they moved her off the street last week, police said. The woman, known only as Denise, 66, had lived on the streets of Paris's chic 15th district for 10 years but authorities moved her on July 6 because she was dangerously close to a wall found to contain asbestos. Nicknamed "the princess" by locals, she was reluctant to leave. Police and social workers soon discovered why, uncovering the cash hoard in a variety of rubbish bags and old suitcases she kept around her. Police are mystified over how she amassed the fortune, which took a week to count, and Denise has not told them. Denise has since been moved to a halfway house in the Paris suburbs, while authorities mull how best to look after her money.

Almost $100K? If I gave the "princess" any money in the last 5 years I'd be at that halfway house demanding a refund!

Now, I know this is not exactly typical, but we all remember the Toronto Sun expose on the "shakey lady" fraud artist. I have also been accosted many a time by able-bodied dudes with nicer clothes than mine!

Spare some change? Pound sand, jackhole. Go sell your dog first.

Like the cat-in-the-hat guy in Ottawa. The guy pulls in a minimum of 50 dollars a day. (on a bad day)
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