Tuesday, July 31, 2007

How Green is Green?

Environmentalists are now saying that the environment is now the number one priority and according to 680 News will be THE deciding issue in the next provincial campaign (here in Ontario).

I remain sceptical. The environment is one of those issues that I take pride in knowing a great deal about. I don't believe climate change is as much as a concern as outright pollution. You know, real, honest to goodness smog generating pollution (like VOCs - volatile organic compounds, soot, fumes, dirt, that are pumped out by the thousands of tonnes, yet none coverage by the Kyoto accord.)

I would rather spend time and money trying to get factories in urban and sub urban areas to install scrubbers and carbon absorption to handle the smog generating chemicals and toxins rather than worrying about carbon dioxide and water vapour.

Climate Change is always going to happen. We live on a dynamic planet where we use our weather patterns to demonstrate chaos theory. Nothing is static. Nor will it be. We, as humans, have to use our God given intellect (or, if you prefer, our evolutionary luck-generated intellect) to adapt and overcome.

Which leads me to this:

I do what I can to reduce electricty use.

I compost quite aggessively (although the decompostion of organics produces carbon dioxide so strike one for the greenhouse one tonne challenge).

I would support a wind farm in our town (althought it may wreak havoc on our migratory birds).

I don't use plastic bags at the supermarket (although we actually purchased those "green bins" that will be here several thousand years past the decline of man).

But, am I green enough. Will I vote green because I am concerned about the environment. No, because I am more concerned about the high taxes that make it necessary for families to have two cars because the have to work two jobs. I am more concerned that our healthcare is failing because we don't take responsibility for our own healthcare needs and costs. I am more concerned that my children are going to be able to get a decent education AND not get shot while walking to school.

All of these are my priorities and as such, I won't be voting for the green party.


PS However, if MMP representation passes, I plan to start my leadership bid for the Green Party :-)

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