Wednesday, July 11, 2007

I make no apologies for my Transformers obsession....

So, all the 30-year old guys get mocked for being jazzed about the Transformers movie. We're grown men, get a life, etc.

Fair enough. Until now.

NO ONE can say anything to me about being a loser when I saw a bunch of dorks (female dorks no less) who were dressed in full Harry Potter "school uniforms" at 8:00am this morning.

Yeah, those ties are WAY cooler than my Optimus Prime action figure I have in my basement.

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OK, full disclosure: I'm 38, remember Transformers, though I was a bit old for it (more my brother's speed) and love the Harry Potter series. That said, I think one is fully able to be, well, dorky with regards to either. The dorkiness is the obsessiveness more than the object, after all.
Don't worry, I'm a big Transfan too.

I wish I could vote Prime for PM.
Oh, yeah - Prime as PM.

Firstly, Prime Minister Prime is a pallindrome, so that's cool.

Secondly, can you imagine the slogans? At every campaign stop "Let's Roll Out!"

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