Tuesday, July 24, 2007

My working thesis

I believe:

Left-leaning liberals and socialists believe all people are inherently good.

This is at the core of why they are willing to give almost anyone the benefit of the doubt, which is why they think welfare cheats are down on their luck, criminals need hug therapy, terrorists are freedom fighters and that government can solve most, if not all, problems.

The more I watch lefties at work, the more I believe they honestly and sincerely think people automatically will do the right thing and aren't really bad - just misguided.

"Left-leaning liberals and socialists believe all people are inherently good"

Somehow this doesn't seem to apply when the topic is conservatives. Given some of the rhetoric that has come from M. Dion in recent months in respect of the Prime Minister, I think you would find it hard to justify saying that Dion thinks Harper is "inherently good and just misguided ".
"Left-leaning liberals and socialists believe all people are inherently good."

No they don't, everyone knows the Conservative government is evil.
Now, we all know that much of those comments (or rhetoric, as jad puts it) are theatrics.

Besides, we all know politicians are like enemy combatants and the unwashed masses are like innocent civilians.

Again, its the world view they have of "regular people".

But maybe I'm worng. What is your view? That they don't trust people to do the right thing and must be controlled by infinite rules, laws and oversight?
The left's foundational assumption is that human nature is inherently good and noble (Rousseau)and it is the structural flaws of society that 'causes' bad behavior. It is that utopian belief, in contrast to the Judeo-Christian belief that man is inherently flawed, which leads them to the odd conclusion that people need extensive re-education (think Gulag) or, in direct contradiction to their assumption, more social intrusion.
I don't think people are inherently good or inherently evil. I think people are inherently stupid.
Gerry: "the odd conclusion that people need extensive re-education (think Gulag)", was a communist brainchild; Communism is a far-left ideology, still practiced today for the 'Dear Leader'.
Precisely and the difference between a leftist and a communist is just how far they are willing to go to the notion that people are property of the state - which as with all 'things' once so defined - lose all humanity.

The point is not so much that they believe people are inherently good but that they believe they should be and if people behave in opposition to that are ipso facto not human ergo become things ergo become subject to manipulation by those who, in their esteem of course, are human.

It is a bizarre form of arrogance cast in the rhetoric of "love and peace" which in reality is extreme authoritarianism.

People are inherently ignorant - which can be cured. Stupidity is a learned phenomena - one really does have to work at believing much of what passes for 'truth' on the left ergo it takes effort to be stupid.
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