Tuesday, August 07, 2007


This summer, I am watching epidsodes of Eureka.

Good show, but what I really like doing is mining the old IMDB for links to other shows and places and I found this interesting.

The guy playing Fargo is the same guy who played on Wonderfalls,
one of my all time favourite "best shows that were cancelled".

I also have a crush on Caroline Dhavernas (she is on my freebie list)
who I just saw in Breach.

B-Double speaks: Dude, even your TV crushes are BORING. I didn't know you liked the comic-con kind of chick. Actaully, I did.
You better watch out! She might hook you in for a hot night of laundry, or if you're lucky, she'll knit you a macrame vest. Don't tell me you wouldn't wear it.

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